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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — The investigation continues into the cause of a fire at Cedar Brooks Apartments in Independence.

Officials said it could take longer than normal due to the number of fires within the last week.

The fire melted a carport and several cars, and some who live in the complex are without a home.

“I saw what looked like a limb fall onto our building, and I’m like, ‘OMG, our apartment’s on fire,'” Lydia Senate said. “It’s so heartbreaking when you realize that moment of, yes, they’re things, but they’re your things.”

Witnesses believe the cause of this devastating fire is fireworks.

“If you’re an adult and you did it, you know better,” Senate said.

But fire investigators don’t know if that’s the cause just yet.

The city of Independence said the fire that happened at Cedar Brooks Apartments is 1 of 8 structure fires within the last week. Typically, there’s one or two building fires a week.

The city said that increase in fires is slowing down the process of finding the cause behind those flames.

“I know it’s a process, and we can only ask people to do as much as their able to do,” Senate said. “Building inspectors can only do so much, fire officials can only do so much and we just have to be patient with them.”

Senate made a GoFundMe account for the people impacted by the fire.