Investigation into gang rape of Independence mom criticized in Cosmopolitan article

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An Independence mom gang raped in her apartment shared frustrations with Independence police and the office’s investigation in an article published in Cosmopolitan’s online magazine Thursday.

One person was arrested months after the crime, December 23rd, but not before he was also accused of also kidnapping and raping a Johnson County deputy.

FOX 4 spoke to the victim in April 2016 at that time only identified as Taylor. Cosmopolitan identifies her as Taylor Hirth, 31.

“They pulled me to the side of the bed and bent me over,” the victim told FOX 4’s Abby Eden.

She said she was blindfolded and the gang rape went on for hours as she held her 2-year old daughter’s hand, trying to make sure they weren’t touching the child.

“They kept taking turns, they kept having sex with me- you know- multiple guys at a time, it was horrifying,” she said.

“Taylor” told FOX 4 and detectives that the men bragged they were gang raping her to celebrate one of the men’s birthdays. But several months later, Independence police closed the case. The Cosmo article is critical of Independence police for failing to speak to several neighbors.

Thursday, FOX 4 spoke to a neighbor who had moved in recently and was unfamiliar with the rape that happened in the apartment complex off of 24 Highway, but suspicious of how someone could get into the locked buildings.

“It would have to be someone within the complex itself or someone who has access to those keys.”

That neighbor who asked to be identified only as Christine, is a criminal justice major who happened to study the case of a Johnson County deputy who police say was kidnapped and raped by two men last summer, Brady Newman Caddell and William Luth.

After their October arrests, police got a DNA match and charged Newman- Caddell with Taylor’s rape. Court documents show he was living in the very same apartment building as the victim, but wasn’t captured.

“So many women have screamed rape, cops don’t believe us nine out of 10 times,” Christine said.

Neither police nor prosecutors will comment on the investigation to this point or who else could be responsible, citing pending prosecution and arrests.

But court documents show when Newman-Caddell was questioned by police he told them Luth took part in the Independence gang rape that occurred about 1 a.m. on February 9th. Luth’s birthday is February 8th.

FOX 4 reached out to the victim Thursday, but she said she’s following her lawyer’s advice and isn’t commenting at this time.

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