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GARDNER, Kan. — Gardner police returned to a home on Wednesday where a 2-year-old girl was found unresponsive on Tuesday. There are still lots of questions surrounding the death of Presley Porting.

Crime scene tape still blocked off the front yard, and crime scene technicians and police are also still investigating.

Police say they were first called to this home around 2 p.m. after they received a 911 call that the child wasn’t breathing. Investigators say paramedics rushed Presley to the hospital where the 2-year-old later died. The case is still referred to as a “death investigation.”

Gardner’s police chief says crime scene technicians investigated the scene looking for evidence and possible clues that would tell them what happened to the little girl and how she died.

Wednesday afternoon, when glove-wearing, crime scene investigators returned, FOX 4 saw them going in and out of this house with gold envelopes in their hands.

The police chief says the team of investigators is still processing this scene, and neighbors are praying for the girl’s family.

“I hope that the family is staying really strong and that, you know, no matter what that they look up and they continue to live and love for their daughter,” said neighbor Shelby Tyrer.

Neighbors add that Presley’s father and his fiancé live at the home with their 2 little girls, a GoFundMe page has been set up for her memorial.