Is Patrick Mahomes the GOAT? KC and San Francisco Zoos make Super Bowl goat naming wager


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Zoo is betting the farm that the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl!

In a friendly wager, the Kansas City Zoo has proposed that if the Chiefs win the big game, the San Francisco Zoo will have to name a goat kid after quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

If the 49ers come out on top? Then there will be a goat kid named Jimmy Garoppolo at the KC Zoo.

“We don’t kid around when it comes to Super Bowl bets,” said Kansas City Zoo Director Randy Wisthoff. “We’re confident our Chiefs are going to help us win this one.”

In addition to the goat naming wager, the zoo from the losing team will have to showcase a big congratulations sign of the winning team’s logo.

Kansas City Zoo Director Randy Wisthoff and San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson have wagered local favorites such as KC BBQ and Napa Valley wine.

So, is Patrick Mahomes actually the GOAT? He’ll need to help the Chiefs win the Super Bowl…….for the kids.



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