Islamic center spokesman says Paris terrorists acted against everything Islam stands for

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — There are reports that at least one of the suspects involved in the Paris terrorist attacks entered Europe with the influx of Syrian refugees. In some quarters, like the Islamic center of Johnson County, there is concern that all Muslims are being being viewed as terrorists. The spokesperson there says that’s not the case.

“They should not say they’re Muslims, because they have nothing in common to what we stand for, or any Muslim stands for,” said Arif Ahmad referring to terrorists.

Ahmad, with the Islamic Center of Johnson County, says the attacks in Paris and other parts of the world are not reflective of all Muslims.

He says the terrorists who happen to be Muslim act against everything Islam preaches. He says the word Islam, in Arabic, means peace.

“The holy Quran teaches us, that if you kill one innocent, you’ve killed all of humanity,” Ahmad added.

Ahmad says while the Islamic center is a non-political organization, and doesn’t want to comment on governors not allowing Syrian refugees in certain states,  he feels we should always help others, and people from Syria should not be looked at differently because of terrorists.

“Say what you really are, you are a terror organization,” said Ahmad referring to terrorists. “Please don`t use my faith to make your point, use your own name.”

Ahmad used the analogy of the Ku Klux Klan. He says although members of the KKK are Christian, that doesn’t mean all Christians are part of the KKK. Ahmad says the same goes for Muslims and ISIS.

“Anything they do philosophically, spiritually, it is everything against our faith,” adds Ahmad, “They bring a bad name to our faith.”

Ahmad says the few Syrian families that are local still have family back in Syria. He says they’re trying to get them out of Syria, and help them financially.



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