‘It actually took down our mailbox’: Cass County resident captures video of flash flood

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DREXEL, Mo. — A woman woke up in shock this morning when she looked outside and saw flood waters covering her driveway and the road beyond.

Bailey Farrar, a resident who took video of the flash flood rushing across her front yard on Aug. 30, said she just moved to Drexel this summer. She’s never seen flooding like this before.

“Am I going to be able to leave? Am I going to be stuck here?” Farrar said.

The waters fell just as quickly as they rose. However, it left some damage in its wake.

“It actually took down our mailbox,” Farrar said. “Our neighbors mailbox is still up, but ours fell over and it`s in the ditch.”

But this probably isn’t the end for flash flooding over Labor Day weekend. Meteorologists are expecting flash flood warnings to extend for the next few days after several inches of rain fell over the past two days.

In Missouri, the state’s transportation department is reporting that about 40 roads are closed because of flooding, mostly in the western party of the state.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to acknowledge several roadways were reportedly under water. They are warning residents to be careful of possible damage caused by the flooding.

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