‘It’s been a fun trip’: Pinstripes on KC’s Plaza closing after 44 years in business


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The owners of Pinstripes, located on the Country Club Plaza, have announced they will be closing after 44 years.

The men’s clothing store opened in 1976 under the name Mister Guy on the W. 48th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue corner lot.

“It’s been horrible trying to maintain, I mean, there is business, but no out-of-town business. Guys aren‘t dressing up,” Vice President and Co-Owner Trent Slusher said. “The Plaza, like every place in America today that has to do with retail, it’s a struggle.”

Slusher said he was already discussing the possible decision to close. Then the pandemic and months of being closed made the decision easier.

“January and February, we were going nuts. Tt was fabulous. Business was good. We were thinking this is going to be a fun year — and them March hit. It all went south,” Slusher said.

“This really did seal the deal, took away some of our enthusiasm. We have some really great guys that work here. Most of them have been here 20 years, so to let them go is depressing.”

Slusher took over ownership in 1993. He said since then, he’s helped decades and generations of men look their best.

On top of the countless memories and encounters with customers, Slusher credits the store for introducing him to his wife. She’s credited with elaborate window displays and designs over the years.

“It’s been sad the last weeks simply because of all the wonderful people starting to come by, wishing you the best. It starts to make you cry a little bit,” Slusher said. “It’s been a fun trip. I don’t want to stop.”

Customers say the closing of this staple is truly an end of an era.

“I’m coming down presumably for the last time. Pick up a couple of things and say goodbye. Spend five seconds tell them to think about it and please don’t do it,” longtime customer Tom Turner said.

The last day of sales is Dec. 24.

Slusher said he plans to relax, enjoy his retirement and travel once the store is officially closed.



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