‘It has been very difficult’: Paramedic in need of help after getting injured on the job


LAWSON, Mo. — A Lawson Fire and Rescue Paramedic needs some help after getting hurt on the job.

In January, Ashlee Unger, said she got a shoulder injury at a fire that put her out of work.

“I’m not use to sitting around and not doing anything,” Unger said.

It hurts Unger to not be living out her dream as fire fighter paramedic with Lawson fire and rescue.

It was her dream job for years and it finally came true in 2020, but a shoulder injury on the job in has her in a dilemma.

“Haven’t had a paycheck since the end of March. March 30th was my last paycheck,” said Unger.

Unger said she didn’t go to a doctor through workers comp when she got hurt, so she hasn’t been able to receive any cash from her company.

She said she filed for temporary disability but has no idea when it will be approved.

“My car was in repossession,” Unger said. “I had a donation that saved that. It was $2,100 behind, so that continues. Credit cards are maxed out. That doesn’t go far, and I got three kids at home.”

Saturday some of Unger’s supporters were at Spanky’s Sports Bar in Raytown to help her out.

“It has been very difficult,” Marti Smith, Ashlee’s Mom, said. “I’m the one that put on the fundraiser to help her because she was doing so well.”

Unger said the only help she can get at this point is from her community.

“It’s six more weeks of physical therapy,” said Unger. “I’ve got range of motion in two directions, but I still can’t reach over my head.”

Smith started a GoFundMe fundraiser for Ashlee to help her with her bills.

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