‘It just kills me inside’: Thieves steal Christmas presents from KC woman’s van


LENEXA, Kan. — The Lenexa Police Department is warning people after a string of car break-ins at a local park.

It happened the same day a Kansas City, Missouri, woman tells FOX4 thieves broke into her van, stealing Christmas presents for her kids.

Doorbell camera video from Sunday night shows a dark SUV pull up to the woman’s home on N. Cherry Street. Two thieves are seen going through her van and checking other cars in her driveway and across the street.

Fearing retaliation, the woman didn’t want to show her face and only wanted to go by Jo.

“I got younger kids, seven and eight years old, and they always dig through everything trying to find the Christmas presents, so I keep them in the car. And I guess I forgot to lock it last night,” Jo said.

Jo said she lost upwards of $400 in gifts.

“I feel very violated,” Jo said. “How do you explain to your kids that your Christmas presents are gone?”

In Lenexa, police released photos of shattered car windows from break-ins that also happened Sunday.

They put out a community alert Monday, saying the thieves broke the windows and stole purses from four vehicles, in seconds, at Black Hoof Park.

“In the afternoons, folks go out to enjoy the parks, talk a walk, maybe play with their kids at a playground, may not want to take their purse with them,” Master Police Officer Danny Chavez said.  “[They] leave it in the car, and unfortunately, in a matter of just seconds a burglar comes along specifically targeting this.”

Chavez said this park, as well as other area parks and trails, have been hit recently, as well.

Jo feels the pain of those victims. She said she doesn’t recognize the vehicle or the people in her video, but she’s optimistic they’ll be caught.

“I work in a school district, and we just came back to work this week, so I don’t have the extra money to rebuy,” Jo said. “And it just kills me inside.”



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