It might be a good time for a furnace checkup as the weather is set to change this week


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Living in the Midwest, we are used to drastic changes in weather. If you take a look at the FOX4 Weather App, we will have lows in the 50’s starting Tuesday.

Right now, people around the metro are preparing for cooler weather.

The official start to fall is still a few weeks away. But this week, the metro will get a taste of some cooler temperatures.

“Definitely surprising that it’s going to be cold so soon. But it’s Kansas City,” All About Air owner, Shawn Dunson said.

According to Joe’s Weather Blog on the FOX4 Weather App, this week will have unusual plunging temperatures, hot to cooler air and rain.

With temperatures dipping into the low 50’s, HVAC technician, Shawn Dunson says now is the perfect time to start testing your heating systems.

“You don’t want to get in a situation where, because we have that cold spell coming up…you don’t want to be in a situation where bam, it gets cold, I try to cut my heat on and I get nothing out the vents,” Dunson said.

For those turning their heat on this week, Dunson says you need to do three things:

1.            Make sure you do not hear any weird noises when you turn the heat on.

2.            Make sure you have a new filter

3.            Have a fresh set of batteries in your thermostat.

Richard Peeper at the Grass Pad in Olathe is welcoming the cooler temps and rain.

“What that has triggered, is people are ready to put down their grass seed. People are ready to start planting their fall plants,” Grass Pad Store Manager, Richard Peeper said.

Peeper also suggests moving house plants back inside. It is also time to watch out for bugs.

“Bugs are going to try to get inside the house. We want to spray the exterior of the home with an insecticide to create a barrier,” Peeper said.



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