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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Sidelined by vandals. A local club football team deals with a torn-up field after familiar cars take a joy ride where they are not allowed.

“It looked like chaos happened,” 8-year-old Ruto Bay said.

Surveillance video shows vandals tearing up the Missouri Wolverine’s field. It happened Saturday – putting a pause on the youth football club’s season.

Two-hundred football players forced to the sidelines chanted to “save our field.”

They’re used to seeing action out there, but not destruction.

“I feel mad about it, and I feel sad and it’s hurting our organization,” Bay said. “Can you please stop?”

In the video, two trucks and a Prius can be seen doing donuts just before 7 p.m.

“They were cheering on a mom who was out there in one of the vehicles. It was sickening,” football mom Lori Bay said. “Honestly, I was sick to my stomach.”

Coach Jim Tuso said it’s the sixth time their field has been vandalized and the second week in a row they’ve seen this crew as the culprits.

The worst part is what Tuso said he heard them say, “Try fixing the field now.”

The youth football club is now forced to pause practice and games.

“It’s really bad,” Tuso said. “There’s ankle breakers everywhere out here and now it becomes unsafe.”

Tuso said Kansas City owns the field. He would like to see KC Parks and Recreation install barriers all the way around the field to prevent vehicles from driving onto the grass and causing this kind of damage.

“They’re not hurting me; they’re hurting these kids,” Tuso said. “We’ll overcome something like this, but it will take time.”

And money. Last week, the club dropped $1,000 on repairs. Tuso said this new mess will cost close to $10,000.

For the players, like Bay, it’s all about losing practice time in making their dreams come true.

“We can’t play, and I want to become an NFL player,” Bay said.

This is also the field where the 15 and Mahomies Foundation donated $2,000 for a new scoreboard. They’re set to get this month. Tuso said they plan to make it portable to prevent it from getting damaged.

Kellen Vaga, 13, has a message to the criminals.

“You’re taking away what we love to do,” Vaga said. “It’s like a big part of our lives. We want to go pro in this. We want to make it to the bigs, we want to be like Mahomes. We want to be like the big guys in the NFL.”

Players hope for a hero to help repair their field or give them a place to practice and play in the coming weeks. Meantime, the club has filed a police report. KCPD is investigating Saturday’s incident and a similar vandalizing report made back in April.