‘It’s a pretty unique case,’ Body found on burning couch along rural Oklahoma road

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A couch burning on the side of the road leads to a gruesome mystery for Oklahoma City Police.

Fire crews were first called to the scene near Northeast 50th and Sooner Road Thursday afternoon, according to a report from KFOR.

While putting out the flames, responders found a body on the couch.

Investigators were on scene the morning after the body was found. They said it will take a while to identify the victim because of the condition the body was in.

“The body had been totally consumed by the flames, so obviously… that puts obstacles in the way of our investigators,” MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department said.

Mystery surrounds a scene both tragic and strange.

“It’s a pretty unique case,” Knight said. “You don’t often find a couch just sitting out in the field, particularly on fire with a deceased person on it.”

Police said one thing was for sure.

“Very clearly a homicide,” Knight said.

Police have been unable to determine the gender of the victim or a motive behind the homicide. The timing of events are also unclear.

“We don’t know if they died before the fire was set or if they died in the fire,” Knight said.

For now, while police seek answers, they won’t be alone.

“Our guys are doing everything they can along with the medical examiner’s office to, not only identify who the person is, but what happened,” said Knight.

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