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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Recent vandalism to a Black Lives Matter mural has some people in the community outraged.

Last weekend FOX4 told you about a project where six Black Lives Matter street murals were painted throughout diverse Kansas City neighborhoods.

But now, people in the Briarcliff area said their mural has been vandalized for days. Someone intentionally left behind tire marks and paint.

“It’s not nothing new,” community member Leighton Gibbs said. “We deal with this all the time.”

It wasn’t the image Gibbs expected to see while touring the murals throughout Kansas City.

“I’ve been touring all the murals, and this is the last one,” Gibbs said.

The mural on N.W. Briarcliff Parkway was vandalized just days after being painted.

“To me, it’s a racist thing to do,” community member Julie Hill said. “To me, doing that says Black lives don’t matter to me.”

Hill lives in the neighborhood where the mural was vandalized. She said she saw all the effort people put into the artwork.

“This was just done last weekend,” Hill said. “It’s not hurting anybody, you know. It’s appropriate. I’m just frustrated.”

But for Prentiss Earl III, who was a part of the project, he’s not letting the vandalism change his perspective.

“I think if we give into the objective of the vandalizers, it says that there are people out there who don’t care about Black people,” Earl said. “But the reality is that the people who were out there creating these murals was the entire community.”