‘It’s horrible’: Neighbors in KC’s 3rd District say they’re still waiting for streets to be cleared

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s not technically winter, but it certainly looked and felt like it recently in Kansas City, and much of the snow still remains.

Road conditions on many streets around the metro are continuing to frustrate drivers.

“I have been slipping and sliding, spinning out, hitting patches of black ice, trying to drive slow,” Antoniece Thomas said.

With the first big snow comes some big problems for people living along Troost, Prospect and Linwood in Kansas City’s 3rd District.

“I don’t believe they are getting treated like they should. I’m an experienced driver, and I wouldn’t recommend anybody coming out on the roads because it’s horrible,” Thomas said.

According to KCMO Public Works data, people in the 3rd district amount to 22% of calls to the city’s 311 services. The calls complain of slick roads and streets reportedly missed by snow plows.

They’re concerns Council Member Melissa Robinson, who represents the 3rd District, said she’s monitoring.

“Residents can rightfully challenge the notion that all streets have been cleared at least once,” she said. “We know that is not the case in this snow event. I`m not sure as to why. I’ve reached out to city staff to take a drilled-down look to how many pass-throughs did we do and is there some unequal treatment.”

Robinson said she’s focused on equity.

But the city said there’s a method to their snow plowing routine, insisting no street isn’t treated but rather that some are less frequented by crews.

“If it is a residential street, that is something that we really only plow during the day time. We can only use smaller trucks on residential streets. Our goal is to get one pass-through with a plow,” KCMO Public Works spokesperson Maggie Green said.

Green said, overall, she believes crews provided a consistent level of service around the city, where 259 snow plows covered 318 square miles.

The Public Works Department asks people to wait at least one day after the snow stops falling to contact 311.

To follow the KCMO snow plow tracking tool online at public works website, click here.



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