‘It’s irresponsible’: Some metro teachers nervous about mid-August return to school


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two local teachers tell FOX4 they’re concerned about their safety going back to the classroom this fall during this pandemic.

While Kansas City Public Schools decided Friday to push their start to after Labor Day, some area schools are still full bore ahead, scheduled to start in less than a month.

On Friday, FOX4 spoke with two teachers at separate schools in exclusive interviews. They asked to remain anonymous, as they fear losing their jobs.

One elementary school teacher called returning to the classroom “scary” with so much unknown.

“Anything that I get from them comes home with me to my own family,” she said.  “And I’d hate to be responsible for sharing that with the people that I care about and the people that I love.”

She said she has even heard of teachers taking drastic steps to protect loved ones.

“[Teachers are] updating their wills and writing letters to their family of how they want things to be handled if they were to get sick,” she said.

In the meantime, an educator who’s worked in both public and private schools said she believes one of the biggest issues is teachers weren’t consulted about what to do.

“We don’t actually know what we’re getting into when we’re opening our school and starting basically an experiment with our children and the staff and faculty that work at those schools,” she said. “I think it’s irresponsible.”

Both said the priority will always be the kids, but now, the clocking is ticking.

“We’re here to serve the children, and that’s what we want to do. But putting our own lives at risk and our families at risk is just scary because that’s not what education is supposed to be,” the elementary teacher said.

Both teachers said they would support online classes for fall.



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