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KANSAS CITY, Mo — A south Kansas City club is in danger of losing its liquor license after a shooting just over a week ago.

Rendezvous Lounge on Blue Ridge Boulevard has been the scene of two shootings since November, and the city is prepared to pull the plug on the business.

Jim Ready, manager of Kansas City’s regulated industries division, has asked for a hearing before the Liquor Control Board of Review to revoke Rendezvous Lounge’s liquor license.

“It’s a public safety issue, and I cannot live with a risk of another shooting happening or certainly a loss of life or anything like that,” Ready said. “If you’re going to get a liquor license, you are the one who is ultimately responsible to make sure that your business is not a public safety issue.”

More than 100 shots were fired early March 14 outside the club after a fight inside. One person was shot in the face and several cars were hit.

This incident comes after another shooting in November. A witness to that shooting told FOX4 the men involved in that incident were in Rendezvous Lounge before the shooting, which happened in the parking lot in front of the liquor store next door. Thirty-one-year-old Raymond Douglas was killed.

“For me, if this business was open, would these things have happened? And to me the answer to that is no,” Ready said.

Many people who live in the nearby neighborhood would be glad to see the club close, but not Steven Brown. He said he hates to see a business shut down and prevent people from socializing in order to solve a problem.

“It seems a little irresponsible,” Brown said. “I think we should go after the source of the problem and find out why this is occurring. Maybe do something about collecting guns, no shootings without guns.”

If the Liquor Control Board approves revocation, it will be the second time in a year that Ready has revoked a liquor license because of violence. In November, the 9ine Ultra Lounge on Noland Road lost its liquor license after two shootings there.

“It’s just not OK that violent acts happen in Kansas City with somebody with a liquor license,” Ready said. “It’s just not OK.”

The revocation hearing in front of the Liquor Control Board has not been scheduled, and until the license is revoked, this club can continue to operate.

Rendezvous Lounge owner Quincy Clark declined an interview with FOX4.