‘It’s just terrible up here’ – Mandatory evacuation in Craig as floods threaten town from two sides

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CRAIG, Mo. — The Holt County Sheriff’s Office has issued a mandatory evacuation as of 10 a.m. on May 29 after flooding covered farmlands and threatened to burst a levee.

“It’s just terrible up here,” Emergency Management Director Tom Bullock said.


In the east, Little Tarkio Creek is filled to the brim. It’s so full that part of the levee holding it in its channel near Craig has started to collapse.

“The soil and the grass on the outside of the levee just slid off,” Bullock said.

The levee is a barrier made of dirt and grass. Bullock told FOX4 that the only way to fix the levee is to wait for the water levels to go down and fill in the dirt afterwards. Right now, it’s a waiting game.

In the west, rising levels on the Missouri River have closed off portions of I-29 north of St. Joseph. Bullock said it’s affecting farmland.

Some of the farmland had dried up and had been planted after the last flood in March, Bullock said. However, those crops are now under water again, and it’s likely they will be wiped out for the remainder of this year.

A flood warning is in affect from the National Weather Service until May 30, which is when the Missouri River is expected to start to fall again.

For the time being, emergency crews are sandbagging parts of the town to try and prevent the worst of the damage.

“We’ve had prisoners here 3 days in a row, they’ve been very helpful,” Bullock said. He wasn’t sure which prison had been assisting.



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