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super bowl LIV map updated
Graphic courtesy of Fresh Mechanism.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs fans, rejoice! New data shows that America is overwhelmingly rooting for Kansas City in Super Bowl LIV.

The data, provided by marketing company Fresh Mechanism, shows only a few states on the east and west coasts rooting for the 49ers. The rest is a sea of Chiefs red.

Although some of the more populated states, like California and New York, are siding with San Francisco, a large majority of states are going Chiefs. That means, if the team was the presidential nominee, it would certainly win the electoral vote. Maybe even the popular vote, too, considering Texas, Illinois and Florida are also all in for the Show Me State.

The data is the most recent edition of the fan map, updated on Jan. 31. Information was pulled from Twitter geotagging and team-based hashtags, like #ChiefsKingdom and #GoNiners.

This data matches early ticket-buying trends released by StubHub, which showed Chiefs states buying more tickets than other states.