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KANSAS CITY, MO. — A Kansas City family is speaking out about what they call a serious flaw in the system and a murder case delayed more than five times.

Twenty-one year-old Jason Cook was charged with shooting and killing 23-year-old Cameron Douglas at his apartment complex in January of 2019.

Despite an original trial date set for 2019, nearly three years later, the family is still waiting.

Aware of the COVID-19 backlog, they say their problems began long before the pandemic.

“It’s ridiculous on all the amount of miscommunication there has been. It’s ridiculous that stuff keeps getting pushed back. It’s ridiculous they don’t have this case set and order. It’s ridiculous that they are still trying to recover evidence. It’s ridiculous that they just don’t care,” said the victim’s sister, Bria Douglas. “The prosecutor’s need to do their job!”

The family of Douglas said the only thing his mother wanted to see was justice and the trial for her son. They said she will never get that moment because she died from COVID-19 complications in August.

Her dying wish was to make sure this trial does happen.

“Do you know how unbearable, how much pain my family is suffering because my mother died, but the fact that she won’t even be here to see my brother receive the justice that he is due, I am mad,” Douglas said.

“We were supposed to have an open and shut case. There was video,” said the victim’s stepmother, Carmen Douglas.

Douglas was shot eight times at his apartment complex near 53rd Street and Oak Leaf Drive as he was heading to work.

Investigators say surveillance video led them to Jason Cook, who was arrested hours later.

Shell casings from the scene reportedly matched a gun found at his home.

Since his arrest, Cook’s bail was reduced from $500,000 to $150,000.

“660 days this murderer has enjoyed two Christmases on house arrest,” said Bishop Frank Douglas. “My family members including myself have been receiving trauma therapy to make it this far.”

A preliminary trial hearing is set for Friday, October 8 at 10 a.m.

The family hopes the official trial date will be confirmed at that time.

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office did not respond to FOX4’s request for comment.