‘It’s unacceptable’: Street racing has residents concerned in Kansas City’s Northeast


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Historic Northeast is known for beautiful architecture and green parks, but neighbors say what they don’t want to be know for is reckless behavior.

A video sent to FOX4 by a Scarritt Renaissance resident shows a white car doing donuts and then speeding off down Gladstone Boulevard in the middle of the day, just feet from where children play.

Laura Brozovich is the treasurer for the Neighborhood Association and head of their crime watch.

“It’s unacceptable. It needs to stop,” Brozovich said.

Scarritt Renaissance brings people in from across the city to visit Cliff Drive, the Concourse and Kessler Park.

The resident who gave FOX4 the video didn’t want to be identified but said speeding and racing happen in the area all the time.

“That’s a pretty common occurrence around here on Friday and Saturday nights specifically,” Brozovich said.

“People are driving too fast or speeding in that area or driving inappropriately. That’s a real danger there, next to the park where we have kids of all ages playing there,” KCPD Officer Donna Drake said.

Brozovich said the best way to stop it is for the crime watch to work directly with the police department to curb speeders on the street. Residents can send in information to the crime watch email at crimewatch@scarrittkc.org.

“I have a team of board members that we all monitor that email. We also all jointly meet with the Kansas City Police Department, East Patrol, regularly to discuss things that are going on in the neighborhood,” Brozovich said.

Drake said residents should be vigilant, and when you see something, say something.

“If you need police there quick, I would advise people to call 911. Make sure when you’re doing that, get good descriptions,” Drake said.

Brozovich said the Northeast is a beautiful place to live, despite some people speeding through.

“We have great neighbors. Great neighborhood connection, community. I would like to see more of that. I would like to see more people involved with what we do for the Neighborhood Association specifically, but that comes with time,” Brozovich said.

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