KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Anyone concerned about property assessments in Jackson County no longer need to make an appointment to get questions answered, if they head downtown.

The Jackson County, Missouri, Assessor’s Office is taking walk-ins to help homeowners resolve any issues more quickly.

Anyone with questions about the assessed value of their home or property can simply walk into the Jackson County Assessor’s Office Downtown from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

The office is located at 1300 Washington Street in Kansas City, near West 14th Street and Washington Street.

The assessor’s office says it hopes the option will answer questions and solve issues without property owners needing to file a formal appeal.

Appointments are still required for anyone going to the Jackson County Courthouse in Independence. Appointments are also available for anyone who wants to avoid waiting to talk to someone downtown as well. Appointments can be scheduled through the Jackson County Assessor’s website at jacksongov.org.

What happens during a review?

During a property value review, owners meet with staff from the Jackson County Assessor’s Office. A licensed real estate broker is also involved.

The homeowner can discuss concerns about the value of their property.

The assessor says often property value disputes can be resolved during this review.

Property owners do not waive their right to appeal by asking for a property value review.

If the dispute is not resolved during the review, the property owner can still appeal to the Board of Equalization.

What do I take to a review?

Property owners are asked to bring any relevant documents to the review meeting, but the documents are not required.

The assessor’s office says recent purchase documents, photographs of the property, and estimates for repairs.

The documents can help the assessor’s office and the broker view additional information that may not have been known during the initial property assessment.

Do I need my assessment to have it reviewed?

No. Owners who have not received a notice about the value of their property can still meet with real estate brokers about the property value.

The deadline to file an appeal is July 10, 2023.

Owners who need help filing an appeal can contact the Jackson County Assessor’s Office to request an appeal or interior inspection.

The assessor warned property owners that values are up an average of 30% from two years ago.