KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County homeowners can now go in-person to find how much their property is worth.

Valuations were sent to more than 300,000 homeowners in Jackson County in April. Those who have questions can go through the assessment process at the county’s building located at 1300 Washington.

On average, the county has seen a 30% increase in values over the last two years and now they’re hoping this new process will help homeowners understand why.

“We want to be very transparent, and I think it’s important for people to sit down and actually talk to real estate professionals,” Gail McCann Beatty, Jackson County’s Director of Assessment, said.

Brokers can pull comparable sales, comp sheets, and talk about any issues with the property before landing on a final value.

McCann Beatty says while the average of values has gone up 30%, it can be higher or lower for some people.

“We have had significant increases in our area, and I think it’s important for them to understand that and understand why and meeting with brokers will help them do that,” McCann Beatty said.

She says this is because more people went remote during COVID and moved to the Midwest. This pushed property values up to where there are now.

You can walk in for the valuation review, but they encourage you to make an appointment. If you don’t agree with the value, you can go through the appeals process.

The deadline for appeals is July 10.