Jackson County Board of Equalization votes to extend deadline for property tax appeals

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Many Jackson County property owners saw their values increase dramatically this year, but don’t agree with the higher values, leading to thousands of informal review requests. That led to the Jackson County Board of Equalization voting to extend the deadline for formal appeals to July 29, three weeks from Monday.

The board also voted to allow anyone who filed an informal appeal before Monday, but were denied, to file a formal appeal within the next three weeks.

It also said it was troubled by the Jackson County assessment department’s process in evaluating property value, and proposed to make these appeal changes as well, according to board member Preston Smith, who represents the Blue Springs School District:

  • If the preliminary assessment of property was set to increase by 200% or more, the new increase will instead be 14%
  • If property was set to increase between 100 and 200%, the new increase will be 13%
  • If property was set to increase between 15 and 100%, the new increase will be 12%
  • Property that increased in value less than 12% will remain unchanged

Those figures are only a proposal at present, the board couldn’t vote on them Monday because they weren’t on the agenda. The proposal goes before the board on July 18.

FOX4 has spoken to a variety of frustrated property owners who couldn’t believe the assessments they received in the mail over the past few weeks. In some areas, like Kansas City’s Westside and Hyde Park neighborhoods, people are worried they won’t be able to afford their houses anymore, and will have to move because of the higher assessed property values.

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