KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Discrimination against the gay community is alive and well in Kansas City, according to one candidate for the Jackson County Legislature.

Thieves stole a campaign banner for candidate Justice Horn less than two days after someone defaced it with a homophobic slur.

Many know Horn as leader of Kansas City’s Black Lives Matter movement from two years ago. Now Horn said he’s the first openly gay person of color to seek a seat on the county legislature.

But Horn said he’s being targeted with threats for being gay.

Someone spray painted a homophobic slur on a large campaign sign facing Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard, and then thieves stole the banner Monday night after Horn tried to rally support for his campaign.

“I think what we did, we’re like, ‘OK, this is happening here on our front doorstep,’ so we are going to use this to empower us,” Horn explained.

“I think it was another sleight to try and bring harm to our community and send shock to this community. I don’t know how you don’t look at that as an act of aggression. I’m not going to be bullied.”

Horn said the incident shows why Jackson County needs LGBTQ representation in the legislature.

He said if elected he would work to pass reproductive and gender affirming health care protections for county employees.

He also wants jail inmates grouped by gender identity instead of birth sex to protect transgender individuals from violence. And he said he would push to ban conversion therapy in Jackson County.

If elected, Horn claims he would be the first openly gay elected county leader in the state of Missouri.