Jackson County Combat passes out free gun locks in area with high crime rate

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County Combat wrapped up 2016’s second neighborhood event on Friday.

Combat partnered with Kansas City No Violence Alliance and the police department for the event.

Members were joined by volunteers to collect unused and unwanted prescription drugs, as well as pick up litter.

But this time, a new effort to prevent violent crimes. Combat passed out free gun locks to anyone who wanted one.

The police department says there were 30 homicides and more than 130 sexual assaults in this area from 2014 to 2015.

People who grew up in the neighborhood, or live in the neighborhood near E. 35th and Prospect Ave., now, want to see change.

“We went through the riots of 1968 and when you have riots they usually destroy your neighborhood,” Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr., said. “A lot of those businesses never bounced back. I think people are still seeing a combination of that plus the recession and a lack of jobs and so forth. All of those things contributed after a while.”



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