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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Jackson County Legislature met some demands of Heart Village residents Monday morning.

It approved a $1.7 million relocation plan. 

The mobile home park will soon be the new site of the Jackson County Detention Center, which means more than 100 park residents must move.

The meeting was a sigh of relief for residents.

“It’s not right for you to come and move people out of their homes and not compensate them for it,” resident Toi Moore said.

“It was a win-win right now for what we got today, but until we get it all in writing, we don’t really know,” resident Urvan Schaefbr said.

All of the residents have to relocate by the end of February.

“This is why I’ve taken the decision that it has to be $10,000,” Jalen Anderson, Jackson County lawmaker, said. “The fact of the matter is these people, our constituents, are hurting even before we got there.”

For over an hour, the county discussed a relocation plan for the heart village residents. Dozens of people came out to the meeting.

The legislature agreed that $200,000 will go to the Community Service League, the nonprofit working with Jackson County to facilitate relocation. They will have to report back in 30 days.

“We’re not going to sit here and allow you’ll just to do whatever you’ll feel like you’ll want to do,” Moore said.

Residents said these are small wins, but they want to use the money for direct, unrestricted cash assistance.

“I have other ways to use it,” Schaefbr said. “I have to have a ramp. I have to have a deck big enough to get into my house and a ramp that’s good, steady and solid for me to get out.”