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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Jackson County Detention Center is one step closer to its new facility.

On Monday, the Jackson County Legislature voted to approve the over $7 million purchase of Heart Village. The mobile home park sits on nearly 100 acres, halfway between Kansas City and Independence.

The county said it will be helping people at the park relocate.

“This is happening,” said Jeannie Anderson who has lived at Heart Village since 2007.

Anderson and her cat, Tripp, call Heart Village home, but that will only be for a few more weeks.

“Just because someone lives in a trailer village — these are people, too, and they definitely deserve our help, and we are going to help them,” Jackson County Legislator Dan Tarwatter III said.

The county set aside $250,000 for moving costs, and $5,000 for expenses for each resident.

“I know that they care about us. They’re not just going to throw us out. If someone else had bought it, we would have had a few days to move,” Anderson said.

Tarwater said they’re back to planning the much-needed jail facility and expect it to be done in two years.

The current Jackson County Detention Center is overwhelmed, falling apart and could be described as dangerous — for employees and people being held for trial. Tarwater said some people awaiting trial are being held out of the area due to capacity. Others in the facility may find themselves sleeping on a cot in their gym.

Anderson said the area around Heart Village is deteriorating and hopefully the new facility will clean things up. She looks at the move as a fresh start for her and Tripp.

“Just driving up 40 Highway and all the trash and all the stuff you see down here anymore – I don’t belong here. I’m not trash. I don’t belong here. I’m moving onto something bigger and better in the next step in my life,” Anderson said.

Tarwater said they will have a plan ready to present to residents soon. He also said they know not all residents will have an easy path to finding a new home, and the county will be meeting with them individually to assess their needs.