Jackson County prosecutor condemns Gov. Parson, state AG for suggesting St. Louis intervention

Jean Peters Baker picture

Jean Peters Baker

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has released a statement condemning the Missouri governor and attorney general, calling their request to intervene in St. Louis a dangerous political ploy.

The suggested concept is called “concurrent jurisdiction,” and it’s something Baker said the judicial system has had to fight against for generations.

On Aug. 10, Gov. Mike Parson said he will ask state lawmakers meeting in a special session to give state Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s office authority to intervene in St. Louis homicide cases. He claimed that the proposal had nothing to do with usurping Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s power.

“This has nothing to do with the prosecutor, taking her out of the role of being prosecutor,” Parson said. “This is about violent criminals on the streets of St. Louis that cases haven’t been filed on.”

Baker noted that there has been 44 arrests for murder in St. Louis, and 34 of those have been filed. However, she said there’s no reason to believe that more won’t be filed after detectives gather more evidence.

There have been 163 murders in St. Louis so far in 2020.

“The Attorney General wants us to believe he has some special powers where he has no trust with the community, no relationship with the police or judiciary and no relationship with the local prosecutor,” Baker stated. “No, this suggests something else is afoot and that something else is not seeking to benefit the citizens of St. Louis City.  In fact, I believe it will hurt them.”

Baker blamed Parson and Schmitt for overreaching with personal politics. She stated that an interjection of politics into the legal system is bad for a community.

FOX4 has tried contacting the governor’s office and the attorney general’s office. We are waiting to hear back for comment on Baker’s statement.




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