Jackson County Prosecutor Speaks about Alleged Kidnapping, Torture

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman claims a date ended in two days of captivity and abuse. Now Jackson County's prosecutor says the accused will get his day in court.

On May 10, a woman says she and 56-year-old Carey Clark were on their way to dinner, when Clark told her he had to swing by his house.

"Went on a date. That's what people do, you know, they go on dates so one would not expect it to end as horrifically as it did," said Jackson County Prosecutor, Jean Peters-Baker.

The victim says Clark invited her in and then locked her inside for two days, kicking her, shocking her with a stun gun, sodomizing her and threatening to kill her.

"It's a horrendous crime.  It's a horrendous scenario for her to endure," Peters-Baker said.

The victim says Clark claimed he is the cousin of convicted killer, Terry Blair and they both hate "whores."  The woman says she saw an opportunity to get out when Clark left to get food. The victim says she escaped through a window and ran to a house down the street.

"Came and ran down this block here and my old lady was sitting on a porch, and she was draped in a sheet," Booker Brinkley described what he saw when the victim arrived at his house.

Booker Brinkley's wife helped the victim, bringing her inside, and gave her a t-shirt.  Booker watched, feeling helpless.

"We were all shocked. Everybody down this way was shocked," he said.

Peters-Baker sees the aid of a stranger as a positive part of this case, and the other positive part, she says, is the victim's courage.

"She's a very, very brave woman," she said. "She went through a horrendous ordeal and she's assisting fully with the prosecution of this case."

The woman who helped the victim says she only did what she hopes someone would do for her.  According to court documents, when police questioned Clark he told them his attorney advised him not to say anything. He faces four felony charges.

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