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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County has awarded a contract to a company to sell the old seats at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs removed the 30,000 seats from the upper deck of Arrowhead as part of a stadium improvement project over the winter. Of course, there was immediate interest from fans hoping to keep a piece of Arrowhead history.

After several months, the county announced Monday that it has awarded a contract to Schneider Industries, in partnership with S&S Seating, Inc., to repurpose and sell the seats.

Under the agreement, Schneider Industries will pay the county $75,000 upfront. In a news release, the county said that will cover the costs of the moving and storing the seats since they were removed.

When they seats are sold, Jackson County and Schneider will evenly split the profits from sales.

Jackson County officials estimate that selling the 3,150 seats, which are a mixture of single and double seats, could result in about $266,675 for the county.

The county plans to use that money to make all of its park playgrounds fully accessible for everyone, including children with disabilities.

There isn’t a specific date for when the seats will go on sale yet, but the county said it will likely happen close to the beginning of the Chiefs regular season.

The seats will go up for sale through an online site, managed by S&S Seating, Inc., and Jackson County residents will have first dibs on the sale for 24 hours before it opens to the general public.

“I’m very excited the taxpayers of Jackson County will have an opportunity to own a piece of Chiefs history from the loudest stadium in the NFL,” Jackson County Executive Frank White Jr. said. “For many fans, these items hold sentimental value.”