Jackson County to sell old Arrowhead seats, but skeptics remain doubtful

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County Executive Frank White has a plan to convert piles of recently removed seats from Arrowhead Stadium into a stockpile of cash for the county.

“We’ve had multiple offers already for those seats, so we know they will sell,” White said. “It’s just a matter of getting them off the property at the complex.”

The Chiefs removed the 30,000 seats from the upper bowl of Arrowhead as part of a stadium improvement project over the winter.

On Monday, the Jackson County Legislature approved using $43,000 to move the seats (mostly unassembled) to a storage facility in Olathe so they can be refurbished and sold.

“You have an opportunity to give back to the fans, and you also have an opportunity to do programming and so forth. I think those things are really kind of neat for us to be able to do,” White said. “And it will free up dollars to do those things.”

Jackson County legislator Dan Tarwater is opposed to the plan and argues in puts the county in an unfamiliar position.

“We don’t have a distribution route. We don’t have a way to market these things,” Tarwater said. “Plus, we haven’t even looked into — Do they need a license because it’s NFL, because it’s a Chiefs logo?”

White disagrees and is confident selling the seats will be a win for fans and taxpayers.

“If it’s anything like when the Royals changed out their orange seats, it should be great for the county,” White said.

There’s no immediate timetable yet, as far as when the seats will go on sale or how much they will cost. County officials said the next step will be accepting bids from companies looking to help with the marketing and sale of the seats.

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