Japanese Women Opt to Wear Diapers to ‘Save Time’

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JAPAN — In Japan there’s a secret weapon emerging in the battle of the sexes.

It’s the adult diaper.

Some women are opting to wear them to save time and gain the edge over male coworkers. By taking fewer bathroom breaks, women are becoming more productive.

According to one report, a 25-year-old woman who works at a real estate agency has been wearing the diapers every day for nearly six months. She said she does it to save time — and admits there is a method to managing a wardrobe around diapers. She said she only wears them with skirts because wearing them with pants makes it too obvious.

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Sales of adult diapers have become so popular, some stores are now selling them next to women’s hygiene products.

Could it be becoming a fetish? The website, Bebigyaru, in Japan features photos of women wearing diapers that has become popular with some men.

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