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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -– For the first time, Kansas City joined cities all over the world to honor Holocaust survivors and their families. A worldwide event, hundreds in the metro joined in hand to put everything else aside and remember. Dozens of people of all walks of life came together to show Holocaust survivors they are honored and never forgotten.

There was a bittersweet feeling as Hebrew music filled the air. It was a time to honor, and to mourn the tragedy of the Holocaust. Some are Jewish, others Christian, some descendants of Holocaust survivors.

Keynote speaker Elhanan Glazer loves sharing his parent’s story.

“I am second generation of Holocaust survivor. My parents were in the death camps in the Poland. They succeeded to escape,” Glazer said.

He said he feels a type of pride that cannot be described.

“They jumped to the water and swam to the shore with nothing. They came with nothing, only shirt, pants and shoes,” Glazer said.

Glazer said his parents, like many pictured, fought for generations to come.

“People cannot forget about the holocaust,” he added.

That is why Kansas City joined countless other cities around the country for a day of remembrance.

“To show that the Christians are standing with the Jewish communities around the world,” Dwight Widaman said.

Candles are lit to honor millions of Holocaust victims. The music struck a chord because it runs much deeper than the note, proving the metro stands behind the Jewish community and will never forget.

“Thank you for standing with Israel; thank you for helping Israel and praying for Israel,” Glazer said.