JoCo neighbors warn of aggressive door-to-door salespeople caught stealing packages

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. — Neighbors in Johnson County are warning you to be on the lookout for some aggressive door-to-door salespeople.

They’ve been spotted driving around in a white van and a few times, were caught red-handed, swiping packages off porches. The group’s been seen walking up to homes, carrying a bottle of spray cleaner to make the sell.

“They were just kind of creeping around town and it was almost like they were looking at houses before they stopped,” said Derek Buckridge, who lives in Spring Hill.

But when no one answered the door, one salesman started eyeing packages on the porch, even ripping into one to see what was inside, all caught on home security video. See the footage in the video player above.

“I saw everything popping up on the neighbors app and Ring,” Buckridge said.

He said several of his Spring Hill neighbors spotted the group driving around in a white van with out-of-state tags, jumping out to knock on doors and, in some cases, stealing packages.

At one point, Buckridge saw them driving around and said they nearly ran him off the road.

“They were just getting awfully close and stuff. We exchanged a couple words and just both went on our ways,” he said.

He warned his grandmother and other neighbors started warning nearby communities on Facebook to keep an eye out.

“Spring Hill`s been really good about, you know, posting this, and everybody’s well aware. Sounds like the police are on it, but they’re still going door-to-door,” Buckridge said.

Spring Hill police did arrest one member of the group, 23-year-old Kianna Burns from Philadelphia. But she’s already bonded out of jail, and people in Olathe, Gardner, Belton and Stilwell have all reported run-ins with the same van and aggressive door-to-door cleaning product sales.

It’s the last thing some in smaller communities would expect.

“It`s kind of the area we`ve grown up in and you`re used to leaving doors unlocked and leaving keys in cars, but you know, there`s been a lot of theft lately and people are a little more on edge,” Buckridge said.

So now neighbors are hoping by being on alert and sharing these images, others will avoid becoming a victim.

Spring Hill police say at least five people had packages stolen this week, and all the property was recovered and returned.

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