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Well while some areas saw some needed rain overnight…many on the south side didn’t see a drop (at least in the Metro). Areas farther south though did see some good rains overnight. The problem is that now we dry out through Monday…with the muggy conditions ebbing somewhat for a day on Saturday night into Sunday.

The nasty heat will likely come back on Monday briefly before it backs off again on Tuesday into Wednesday with a more noticeable break in the humidity…as a matter of fact the weather may kind of get boring next week after that next cold front early Tuesday.



Today: Variable clouds/muggy and seasonably hot with highs in the upper 80s. There may be an isolated shower on the MO side.

Tonight: Partly cloudy and muggy with lows in the lower 70s

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny…still humid with highs in the mid 80s

Sunday: A bit of a break in the higher humidity. Highs in the upper 80s



Short blog today as we head towards the weekend…

I wasn’t surprised by the lack of rain/storms for parts of the area. At least some got some rain. KCI had .41″…Downtown though had .01″ and south of there I don’t think there was anything until you got a couple of counties farther south.

Again areas up towards St Joe got nailed pretty good.

another 2.25″ of rain on top of the almost 3″ the airport saw yesterday. Some areas up there are close to 8-10″ of rain in the last couple of days.

Here is the 2 day totals…note the different color scale.

So it goes with summer thunderstorm clusters.

Today will feature a lot of clouds…with continued muggy conditions. The 10AM surface map shows a lot of 70°+ dew points still around the area…

Despite the north winds…the numbers in green above are the dew points…there is a lot of greenness out there and the air won’t be drying out today or tomorrow really. So it’s still muggy…just not as extreme in the heat department today due to the clouds in place.

There may be a few storms/showers out there, especially on the MO side this afternoon too.

The front itself is just north of the I-44 corridor…and will slowly sink southwards today.

The dew points may come down into the 60s over the weekend into Monday morning before rising again to the 70° area ahead of a stronger cold front that will dry us out even more on Tuesday.

There should be a noticeable change in the way the air “feels” starting Tuesday into the end of next week. That’s good.

The bad part is that odds aren’t great that we see any rain locally (aside from whatever happens later (Monday into Tuesday) for the week as a whole…so if your grass is getting stressed from the summer weather…you may want to drag sprinklers around again…or turn them on for awhile.

That’s it…not much to say today after a night of babysitting radar just to be on the safe side. The feature photo comes from DeAnna Blair out towards Shawnee.