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MISSION, Kan. — The use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine may have been reinstated, but some people still have reservations about getting the one dose shot.

“I have some concern for others,” Cathy Lilleston said. Lilleston received her Pfizer vaccine, but considered all three options.

Lilleston said she was surprised about the pause to investigate the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after six female patients suffered blood clots but she also said anyone who chooses a vaccine should be prepared for the potential of side effects.

“The risk in the Johnson & Johnson is very slight according to the millions of injections,” she said.

Medical leaders with the Johnson County Health Department also say the vaccine is safe.

Dr. Joseph LeMaster with the Johnson County Health Department said it’s a thought process that could prevent things from finally getting back to normal.

“The risk of the side effects are so low and the benefit is so high, your risk of dying from COVID is much higher than the risk of this vaccine,” he said.

Johnson County plans to continue the use of Johnson & Johnson for its outreach clinics. They said the county hasn’t heard much from residents about concerns due to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“What I’m hearing from both from clinically and our health systems, is people who want the vaccine just want to get vaccinated,” LeMaster said.

Lilleston said taking a little risk for the greater good, is what will help put the pandemic to an end.

“Everybody just needs to get vaccinated so we are all safe and help each other out,” Lilleston said.