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MISSION, Kan. — Multiple residents in one Johnson County neighborhood are having issues with damage they say is the responsibility of the homeowners association to fix. The debate is not in court.

“This is our support beam right here,” condo owner Rhonda Zella said as she showed the rotting beam across her kitchen ceiling.

After moving into her condo at Lido Villas villas two, Zella noticed the widows in her kitchen were calked shut and found out why during the first rain.

“We just had a heavy rain, and I have videotapes of the water just literally, it looks like water going down the glass,” she said.

The waterfall has caused damage and rot discovered when Zella began remodeling her home.

“When I started to knock this out, dark stuff started to fall, and then I went up in here and I knocked it out, and that’s when I realized what was going on,” she said of the rot and mold.

Zella said the problem starts on the roof, which is the responsibility of the HOA. It maintains the common areas which includes foundations, roofs, gutters and common land.

“When all of the rain hits the roof, it all pours down this way. These gutters are inadequate, it flows over the gutters down the wall. It fills this whole area like a swimming pool, jets out here and goes down my windows,” she said.

Drainage is also an issue that Zella said is damaging the stucco and foundation of these homes. The problem is so bad, another resident who bought her condo in 2017, has never been able to move in. She filed a lawsuit against the HOA and property management company.

Zella thought her situation would be taken care of after she said the President of the HOA told her the situation would be turned over to the insurance company.

“I had sent him, a day later, an email and it wouldn’t go through,” Zella said. “I sent him a text it wouldn’t go through. I was blocked, and they’ve completely ignored me since.”

FOX4 called HOA President Chris Pit and the management company to get answers and signature property management respinded with the following statement: “The Board of the Lido Villas II Association is aware of the issues raised by Ms. Zella regarding her condominium.  The Board will continue to work to address items of Association responsibility in a mutually satisfactory manner.”

Zella said she is not going to take on the responsibility of correcting the problems or fixing the damage they caused. She said it is a liability and is the responsibility of the HOA.

Zella has hired an attorney and said if she has to, she will also sue.