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OLATHE, Kan. — On Friday, a Johnson County judge called an Independence man a sexual predator who poses a great risk to women in our community.

Brady Newman-Caddell, 24, received the maximum possible punishment for kidnapping and raping a Johnson County sheriff’s deputy.

District Attorney Steve Howe called the crime a woman’s worst nightmare: to be abducted by a stranger in the middle of the night and savagely raped.

Judge Brenda Cameron says it’s her job to try to make sure no more women are victimized by Newman-Caddell. That’s why she threw the book at him — 55 years in prison, the maximum penalty.

Newman-Caddell and William Luth, 27, were convicted of kidnapping and raping a female sheriff’s deputy in October 2016 as she was headed to work at the jail in downtown Olathe.

Newman-Caddell has been described as the less violent attacker of the two, but both the judge and prosecutor called him the more dangerous predator. Howe said he was the brains behind a coordinated plan to hunt down women to sexually assault.

Four victims, all women, testified about Newman-Caddell’s manipulative and sociopathic behavior.

“We all made an effort to get him off the streets and get him out of the community,” said Taylor Hirth, one of Newman Caddell’s victims. “So he can’t do this. It took four women trying for justice before we finally saw any.”

“It’s hard to put into words how truly horrific this case is,” Judge Cameron said.

The judge said Newman-Caddell has psychopathic traits and she’s convinced he would attack women again.

A psychiatrist even warned that Newman Caddell poses a danger behind bars to women who work for the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Newman Caddell did apologize for his actions in trying to seek a lesser sentence. However, the judge said that’s just part of his manipulation: to appear innocent and charming while something darker lurks inside.