Judge denies request for DCF records regarding 3-year-old KCK girl’s murder


KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Wyandotte County judge has denied FOX4’s request for the Kansas Division of Children and Families records regarding Olivia Jansen.

KCK Police and DCF determined the 3-year-old’s death was the result of child abuse, after her body was found beaten and buried in a shallow grave July 10.

It is the same day Olivia’s father Howard Jansen, III reported his daughter missing. He and his girlfriend Jacqulyn Kirkpatrick are charged with Olivia’s murder.

“It’s hard to sit there. I just want to jump up and scream at him,” Olivia’s Step-Grandmother Elisabeth Jansen said of the judge’s decision to block release of the records. “I want the truth. I want to know what happened to her, I want everybody to know what happened to her. I want everybody to know what those two people were capable of doing to a 3-year-old innocent beautiful child.”

Eighteen days before Olivia died, Elizabeth Jansen called DCF, concerned about the child’s safety and caregiver substance abuse. At the time of her death, that case was still open with DCF. It is one of two calls outlined in a summary released by the agency July 31. The first call was in February, about alleged physical abuse.

Both the prosecution and defense teams objected to the release of DCF records. In his decision, Judge Mike Russel cited several reasons for blocking the release, including that there are reports about other children besides Olivia and that the information regarding Olivia is relevant to the ongoing criminal investigation and pending prosecution.

The denial makes Olivia’s family more concerned about what happened to her and other children at the hands of Jansen and Kirkpatrick.

“I miss her so much it doesn’t get easier,” Elisabeth Jansen said. “They miss treated her body but don’t do any more to her.”

Judge Russell said he believes the public will learn some of what is in Olivia’s DCF record during the ongoing prosecution of Jansen and Kirkpatrick.



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