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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A Cole County judge ruled that Jackson County, St. Louis County, and the City of St. Louis, can’t block the Second Amendment Preservation Act from becoming law.

The new law is scheduled to take effect Saturday.

In July, Jackson County joined a lawsuit filed by lawmakers in St. Louis seeking a preliminary injunction. That was denied.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed the bill into law in June. It blocks local law enforcement from implementing federal gun laws that could violate the Second Amendment rights.

The law also allows for lawsuits against police agencies for violating Second Amendment rights with exposure of up to $50,000 per offense. 

The U.S. Department of Justice voiced almost immediate concern in June, saying the state could not nullify federal laws. Other federal agencies have said they are seeing fewer offices working with them.

Supporters of the legislation, including Gov. Parson, have said that the intent of the law is to protect Second Amendment freedoms and not to interfere with law enforcement’s ability to cooperate with federal agencies.

You can read the ruling in its entirety below.