Judge Sentences Teen to 10 Years of Church for Manslaughter


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MUSKOGEE, Okla. — An Oklahoma judge says that a teen convicted of manslaughter will have to spend the next decade not behind bars – but on a church pew.

According to the Muskogee Phoenix newspaper, Tyler Alred, 17, was sentenced to 10 years of spending each Sunday at church after pleading guilty to manslaughter in connection to a December 3, 2011 crash that killed a friend, John Luke Dum.

According to police, Alred admitted drinking alcohol prior to the crash, and registered a .07 blood-alcohol content the night of the crash.

District Judge Mike Norman, in giving Alred a suspended sentence, also required Alred to graduate from high school and a welding school, submit to drug, alcohol and nicotine tests for a year, wear a drug and alcohol bracelet and take part in victim impact panels in addition to having to attend the church of his choice every Sunday for 10 years.

Prior to sentencing, a tearful Alred addressed Dum’s family and the court.

“I know my words cannot bring him back,” Alred said. “I did not want to do what I did. I want to change my life. I have changed my life.”

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