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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A two-story jumbo jet arrived at the Kansas City International Airport Saturday evening that will be converted into a mobile classroom for students.

Local non-profit group TriStar Experience is behind the project. Their goal is to convert the L-1011 jet into a space where kids can come to be immersed in science and technology based hands-on learning.

The program will accompany a STEM curriculum which can be used in classrooms to help inspire more children to take interest in science, technology, engineering, math and aviation related careers.

“The idea is to inspire the kids with these big, really cool toys where they can get up close and personal and see the lessons being played out real time to inspire them to actually look into those areas for further study to peruse in high school or college and then ultimately go into aviation related careers,” said Mike Saxton with TriStar Experience.

The aircraft will go through final restoration and paint work before it can be used as a STEM education platform for students. The timeline for completion has not yet been announced.