Justin Rey tells FOX4’s Kathy Quinn why he thinks he’s innocent in jailhouse conversation

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OLATHE, Kan. — Lenexa police arrested Justin Rey at a storage unit in October of 2017 with his wife’s dismembered body.

Just days before he goes back to court to demand a new judge, Rey reached out exclusively to FOX4’s Kathy Quinn — this time to share shocking new details he claims will prove his innocence.

The last time Rey appeared in court on March 27, he fired his attorney and told the judge she wasn’t honorable. His rant came after a jury found him guilty of child endangerment, child misconduct and sexual exploitation of a child.

Justin Rey

“This is not OK for you all to be doing this. It has been 17 months, and I still have not had a chance to speak or show the hard evidence of me being innocent — let alone the body cam or the U-Haul cam to prove me innocent,” Rey said.

Rey has been in police custody since he and his 2-year-old and newborn daughters were discovered in that U-Haul storage unit. Also in the storage unit, the body of Rey’s wife, which had been dismembered and stored in a rolling cooler.

From jail, Rey sent Kathy Quinn a four-page letter, the latest in a series he sent since his arrest. In it, Rey promised this will be one of the biggest stories of Quinn’s life.

He gave specific details about a storage unit, the one police where found him in Lenexa. He asked Quinn to visit him in the detention center. He wanted to describe the items in that unit that would find and prove him 100% innocent.

In his letter he writes: “Please help me. I need the truth to be revealed to the nation, state and world.”

Cameras are not allowed in the detention center, but the conversation lasted for nearly an hour using a video monitoring system, focused on Rey`s claims that he`s innocent.

Rey said the proof is in the storage unit, where he left behind 14 years of possessions, including heirlooms, baby clothes, his dead wife`s clothing, car seats, pictures, laptop and a Christmas tin with four cell phones.

Those items, he said, prove he was a great father, great husband and an honorable, religious man.

His bank receipts show, he said, also that he had money and wasn’t living in the storage unit.

During the jailhouse interview, Quinn asked about the naked images of children found on his cell phone. He adamantly denied knowing anything about those pictures. He claimed he shared the phone with his wife, was asleep when those pictures were taken and believes police set him up.

He also said he’d taken 10 pictures, including ones of his girls with his dead wife`s body.

In his letter, Rey also wrote that the “jury trial was a hoax, a set up.”

Rey said he was framed. His attorney didn’t fight for him at all, and the jury was rigged. Rey called the trial and his incarceration a waste of taxpayers’ money, filed with lies, contradictions and false charges.

During the interview, Rey said “enough is enough.”

He wants to go back to Flagstaff, Arizona with his children to bury his wife, Jessica. He claims she died after the birth of their youngest child.

When he returns to court Monday, armed with his 27-page affidavit he has prepared, he wants a new judge, a new attorney and the charges dismissed.

At the end of the interview, Quinn asked Rey if he would do anything differently.

He now says he would likely call police after his wife died. He said he didn’t at the time because he was worried police would take his children and his wife`s remains.

Now, facing years in prison, Rey said he’s lost them anyway.

During Rey’s trial, officers took the stand to testify against claims that his arrest was illegal. They also testified about Rey’s two children when they found them.
Officers said they looked malnourished, and they were concerned about their health.

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