MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Kansas State University President Richard Linton announced that he has cancer.

A press release on K-State’s website, Linton states that he was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer, requiring him to pursue daily treatments in Kansas City over the next few months.

“I owe it to you all — my K-State family — to share some personal and difficult news as we prepare to launch forward. This past week, I was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer, which will require me to pursue daily treatments in Kansas City with the KU Cancer Center for the next few months. This is obviously not how I envisioned starting the fall semester, but it is necessary that I take these steps at this time, as this cancer is treatable and curable. I need to be at my best for this institution — you deserve that from me, and in consultation with my medical team, I also know this is what is best for me and my family.”

President Richard Linton

In the statement, Linton promises to remain engaged with the university as he undergoes treatment. He said Dr. Marshall Stewart, senior vice president and chief of staff, will represent Linton at K-State events and meetings.

“Dr. Stewart and I are completely aligned in how we lead this university, and we will continue to ensure we’re aligned through regular communication. Place your trust in him as you have with me — he will ensure we continue our planned path forward together.”

President Richard Linton

Linton was named the 15th president of K-State in 2021 by the Kansas Board of Regents. He replaced former K-State president Richard Myers following his move to Kansas from North Carolina State University.