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OLATHE, Kan. — Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer will be in Olathe Monday to sign a new school funding bill.

The bill, which will be signed into a law at 9 a.m., is expected to give Kansas schools $534 million over the next five years.

Last month, Kansas lawmakers passed a school funding bill but later found a mistake that shorted schools $80 million. Lawmakers fixed that flaw last week.

With the fix, special education programs will receive tens of millions of more dollars while early childhood education programs will get a couple million dollars more per year.

The extra money will also allow school districts to hire more teachers and make other improvements to the classroom to better the educational experience for children. There’s even more money to improve school security.

According to the Kansas State Department of Education, Olathe will get the most money at $10-and-a-half-million more. KCK will get close to $9 million extra, while Blue Valley and Shawnee Mission receive $4.8 and $4.2 million respectively.

The big question, though – is this enough money to satisfy the State Supreme court?

Written arguments in the school finance case are due Monday with oral arguments later this month.

If the court thinks $534 million is not enough, lawmakers will have to come back and give more money to schools.