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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In a rare opportunity that few others get to witness, FOX4 was live on August 6 as the red kangaroos at the Kansas City Zoo hopped to their exhibit at the start of the day.

“The kangaroos are real skittish,” zoo director Randy Wisthoff said, speaking in a hushed tone.

Wisthoff imitated his “golf announcer” voice as the marsupials bounded out of their nightly enclosure, flying through the air after one another so as not to get left behind. He explained that the process must happen before visitors come so the animals feel safe.

“A big group of them is called a mob, and our mob comes out every morning,” Wisthoff said. “This is a daily ritual. It’s really one of the most fun things we do at the zoo.”

If you listen really closely, you can hear one of the kangaroo tails slap the ground as the bound toward their daily exhibit.

Watch the incredible sight in the video player above.

FOX4 also witnessed one of the zoo’s African elephants diving a new swimming pool exhibit. Visitors can find the renovated space in the Africa area.