TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Kansas Lottery is celebrating several recent big wins that have delivered millions of dollars into the hands of some lucky residents of the Sunflower State.

Four people have won or claimed prizes of $1 million or more in the month of January, according to Kansas lottery spokesperson Cory Thone. The first win was in November 2022 when a Johnson County resident hit the Powerball jackpot for the first time since 2012 for $92 million. That prize was claimed anonymously on Jan. 5.

Thone said the annual Holiday Millionaire Raffle announced more than 5,600 winners along with a $1 million grand prize on Jan. 4. The ticket sold in Northeast Kansas for the $1 million prize is still unclaimed.

In the last Mega Millions run, two Kansas residents claimed $1 million prizes in the same week with one winner on Jan. 10 in Southeast Kansas and another on Jan. 13 in Northeast Kansas.

“As I have said many times before, nothing makes us happier than to give prizes away to our players,” said Kansas Lottery Executive Director Stephen Durrell. “It’s really great that we’ve had such a nice run of big prizes in the last few weeks for them to enjoy. We love having big winners. It has been a blast this year, and we hope the fun continues!”

A Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday night will be for an estimated $20 million jackpot. This is after the game reset for a winning ticket drawn in Maine last Friday, according to Thone.