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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Months of campaigning came down to one hour on Tuesday, and for the first time the candidates in Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District debated head-to-head.

Republican Kevin Yoder and Democrat Sharice Davids squared off at the FOX4 studios for their first debate, and likely last, before Midterm elections next Tuesday.

If you missed the debate live and want to watch in on a TV, KCPT will re-broadcast it Thursday at 7:30 p.m.:

You can also watch the replay here:

Political newcomer Davids is hoping to unseat incumbent Yoder, who has served Kansas’ 3rd District since 2011. The two squared off on a number of topics in this debate, which was co-sponsored by the Kansas City Star and KCPT.

Topics included how to keep insurance premiums low, money in politics and the question of whether the current political climate has led to some of the recent hateful attacks we’ve seen.

At one point in the debate, Yoder accused Davids of rooting against the country, calling her a liberal who won`t be able to get anything done.

“I think what adds to the brokenness of Congress is obstructionists like my opponent who has said she will go to Washington to oppose the president,” Yoder said.

Davids called the accusation ridiculous blaming the ‘inflammatory rhetoric’ on the right for the country`s divisiveness.

“Kevin Yoder has said on multiple occasions that he will support this president no matter what crazy things he says, and that is completely unacceptable,” she said.

Immigration was another hot topic where Yoder accused Davids of wanting to abolish the immigration agency ICE. Several times she said that’s simply not true.

But the topic that kept coming up was Yoder`s accusation that Davids was an outsider.

“My opponent moved here to run against me. Other than a brief stint at the community college here, she`s not dedicated to our community. She`s voted just twice in our district. She doesn`t have a job here, doesn`t have a home here. I`ve dedicated my entire life here,” Yoder said.

“Frankly, I think it`s disappointing that he would think that serving at the federal level as a White House Fellow, which is a very prestigious program, is something that I should apologize for. He has continued to mistake things. I own a home in the district. I was really surprised he said I don`t,” Davids said in response.

Yoder is trying to secure a fifth term in the House. If Davids wins, she would become the first Native American woman in congress.

Voters head to the polls next Tuesday, Nov. 6.