Kansas Citians React to Obama’s Stance on Gay Marriage

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The president's opinion on gay marriage went from an evolving view to a definitive stance on Wednesday. President Obama has been said to be a supporter of the gay community especially after repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. Many wondered why it took so long from him to take a stance on gay marriage.

Now, some local gay rights advocates say it has re-energized the plight of same-sex couples wanting to marry.  President Obama's support of same-sex marriage is welcomed news to Carolyn Finken-Dove. She's the president of the Kansas City Chapter of P-Flag which stands for Parents, Families and Friends of Gays and Lesbians.

"I spent a little bit of time high-fiving a few people in my office place, that I knew would appreciate that news as well," Finken-Dove said.

One of her daughters is gay. She says that's who she thought about when she heard the president's announcement.

"She is wonderful, and I think she deserves the same privileges and the same rights and the same protections as my other daughter," she said.

She says it's been a frustrating to see Obama support the gay community but not take a stand on marriage. Some wonder if he only made the leap because of VP Joe Biden's Sunday interview.

"Men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual are all entitled to the same exact rights," said Steve Glorioso, Political consultant.

Political consultant Steve Glorioso doesn't believe Obama made the declaration to help his re-election chances. He feels the announcement is neither a benefit or a blunder to his campaign.

"It's going to be about the economy and also national security issues like this will matter only to people who have already made up their mind," he said.

U.S. Education Secretary Arny Duncan said Monday that he too supports same-sex marriage.



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