Kansas Citians Show Support for Ron Paul

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of people turned out for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on Saturday night at Union Station. Some people in the crowd were too young to vote, but they can still spread Ron Paul’s message.

“He’s got a message that hasn’t wavered in 30 years,” said supporter Bill Kernodle. “He’s not a flip flopper. He stands for the constitution and that’s important.”

Ron Paul supporters held signs, wore pins, and captured the moment of this Republican presidential candidate at Kansas City’s Union Station.

Paul talked about a range of issues from bringing troops home to end costly wars to promoting self government. Only once did Paul bring up the race saying not one other candidate, past or present has proposed cutting the budget. And that’s what he would do.

Many people told FOX 4 the Texas politician is the right candidate on issues that the country was founded on.

“I feel like his constitutional way of running the country is the way the founding fathers wanted us to run the country and it seems like we’ve gotten way far from the constitution and Ron Paul is the champion of the constitution,” said supporter  Marty Pointer.

Even if he hasn’t won very many meaningful primaries or caucuses… Many Paul supporters say he’s still got their vote… And his message is spreading.

The Kansas Caucus is March 10, and Missouri’s is scheduled for March 17.
Both are for delegate votes.



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